Award & Certificate Sponsorship

Types of Awards & Certificates Sponsorship:

  1. Annual Appreciation Award
  2. Collaborative Competition Award
  3. Project Award
  4. Couple & Family Medal
  5. Event Shield with Certificate
  6. Couple & Family Medal with Certificate with Certificate
  7. Sustainability Motivator Medal with Certificate
  8. Sustainability Implementer Medal with Certificate
  9. Sustainability Promoter Medal with Certificate
  10. Social Media Post Creator Medal with Certificate
  11. Social Media Post Share Medal with Certificate
  12. SDG Medal with Certificate
  13. Sustainability Quiz Medal with Certificate

Awards are in form of a certificate along with a medal, badge, cup, shield, trophy, crown, statuette, etc.

Our service can include

  1. Prominent logo of the sponsor in a medal, a badge, a cup, a shield, a trophy, a crown, a statuette etc.
  2. Prominent logo of the sponsor in the footer section of the certificate
  3. Service line below logo in the footer section of the certificate
  4. Website link below logo in the footer section of the certificate
  5. Create Social Media Post on LinkedIn or Facebook, by praising & tagging your organisation as a sponsor
  6. Sharing this post in a social media group/s with total 10,000+ members & with total 5000+ engaged members.
  7. Pin a post in one social media group with 1000+ members.

Apart from above service delivered by us, the certificate recipient generally does following:

  1. Create their own post on their preferred social media platforms
  2. Interact with comments done by family, friends & colleagues
  3. Upload certificate on their public profile like website, LinkedIn, etc.