Executive Council Application Form

We welcome applications from professionals to be in our Executive Council as in an advisor, auditor and/or assessor. You may be

  • A Ph.D. Degree Holder (non-honorary degree) or
  • A Highly Experienced Professional (20+ years) or
  • A Subject Matter Expert

Your expertise, experience and/or Ph.D. degree can be in any domain related to sustainability and sustainable development.

  • Please do not provide any information, which is to be kept secret.
  • Please only provide information, which is available in the public domain.

The access code is provided through invitation. If you do not have access code then you have two options:

1. The professionals can join through reference or invitation from existing Executive Council members. The executive council member details are on https://1spsc.org/council/doctoral/ & https://1spsc.org/council/experienced/

2. If you do not know any of our executive council member, then please fill collaborate form for arranging a virtual meeting. The collaboration form link is https://1spsc.org/collaborate/