What major problem areas can certification potentially solve?

Problems solved by certification can be divided into 4 broader areas:

  1. Brand Image & Organisation Reputation
  2. Revenue Growth
  3. Profit Growth / Cost Reduction
  4. Risk Mitigation
Value Matrix - Transparent

Potential Benefits to Learning & Development Providers

Industry as well as government mostly appreciates professional development irrespective of career level, industry sector, career level, job function and responsibilities. The Sustainability Certification Services support organisations validate knowledge into an organised as well as recognised methodology to meet industry & government expectations.

By running a learning & development activity that has received sustainability accreditation, you should attract more participants. You may also be able to expand into new countries.

You can access new technology with our digital certificate service which provides dual verifiability in a public domain. This includes QR code verifiability through mobile phone camera as well as unique number verifiability through website

The UK education standards are highly regarded internationally and we offer UK based & registered organisations’ accreditation.

Apart from the business growth opportunities, you will be a vital part of our network of successful sustainability training providers committed to being in the best in their category.

You can be a part of our sustainability practice committee, which ensures that we are all improving, together.

The SPSC accreditation should help with

  • Increased visibility
  • Validation of knowledge & content
  • Enhanced marketability
  • Improved pricing
  • Improved educational & training performance
  • Enhanced reputation of learning & development activity
  • Boosted the credibility of the institute
  • Increased confidence of students and other stakeholders
  • Added respect from peers
  • Reduced risk
  • External certification is better than self-certification

Potential Benefits to Students & Professionals

Pursuing courses accredited by The Sustainability Certification Services UK confirms that you are investing your time and money on activities which are relevant in some ways.

The approval from The Sustainability Certification Services – UK enhances the trust factor.  As you all know that we stand for Sustainability & United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The learning & development activities should allow individuals to continually up-skill, reskill or new-skill themselves, irrespective of education, location, age, gender or occupation.

Each certification number is regulated, so the verifiable certificate enhances confidence.

It should help with

  • Improved employability
  • Better earning potential
  • More chances of promotion & pay raise

What makes our Sustainability Accreditation credible and authentic?

The following points make our Sustainability Accreditation unique, authentic, credible, admirable, and courteous:

  1. Law – Regulatory – Compliance – This British Certification is issued by an independent global organisation registered in the UK. So it has to follow the following strict laws while issuing certification:

    • The Green Claims Code Sept 2021, is exceptionally deep, broad & strict.
    • Modern Slavery Act 2015, which is global in nature
    • Bribery Act 2010, which is again global in nature
    • Sanctions & Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018
    • Data Protection Act 2018, which is again global in nature
  2. Principles –

    • We follow United Nations sustainability principles for social, environmental, and ethical assessments.
    • We follow International Labour Organisation – ILO conventions and recommendations agreed upon by more than 200 national governments.
  3. Quality of Assessment & Accreditation Team  Our assessment team consists of Ph.D. degree holders and highly experienced industry professionals, so you have a high-quality professional either assessing or performing the quality check.

  4. Quality of Creation Team – Our accreditation questions, checkpoints, and evaluation has the input of 100+ global sustainability experts.

  5. Authenticity Verification & Transparency Our certificates are easily verifiable by anyone through a smartphone camera with a QR code reader, so fake certificates and claims are caught instantly.

  6. Type of Process – This is an external accreditation from a non-consulting organisation, so more credible than a self-declaration, a self-certification, or a 2nd party certificate.

  7. Quality of Process – All accreditation follows at least a 4-eye approach, so a minimum of two people are involved in the assessment. One assessor and one quality controller.

  8. Transparency – We offer totally free public verification of certificates issued by us. So this transparency is genuine, as there are no fees attached to transparency.

  9. Data & Security – We are aligned with United Kingdom’s Data Protection Act, 2018. We do not collect or store personal data related to age, gender, date of birth, address, race, ethnic background, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union memberships, genetics, biometrics, health, sex life, or orientation. Apart from email id, we keep social media profile links to confirm identity.

  10. Social Responsibility – We provide free accreditation to courses, events, and projects managed by charities, social enterprises, and non-profit organizations. We also selectively provide free accreditation to free learning & development activities conducted by private players.

  11. Affordability – We are a purpose-driven organisation, so our cost should reflect our purpose and not profitability.

  12. Simple & Easy – The results are simple & easy to use

    • No need to operate a new system.
    • No need to remember your login and password.
    • No need to learn a new system. So saves time, money & effort for training.
    • No need for extra storage space on your server.
  13. Unique & Exceptional – Inclusion of some ISO guidance

    • ISO20400 – Sustainable Procurement Guidance
    • ISO26000 – Social Accountability Guidance
    • ISO14001 – Environmental Management
    • ISO37001 – Anti-Bribery Management
  14. Customer Base – Our global customer base covers 6 continents & 81 countries.

  15. Public Recognition – We have more than 10,000 members on our social media groups LinkedIn & Facebook. We believe that they trust us for our commitment & support towards sustainability.

  16. Accreditation/Membership – We are a member of the following global organisations:

    • Council of Inclusive Capitalism
    • Volunteer Groups Alliance
    • SME Climate Hub
    • Learning for Sustainability SCOTLAND (LfS)